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Coach Klaas Jan de Vries
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Welcome to Coaching Harmony

Source of the idea:
'Possunt, quia posse videntur' Publius Vergilius Maro, Aeneis V, 231

Are you...

  • a position where people expect you to lead, tell or explain them what to do, inform or teach them, communicate with them? With Coaching Harmony you will know how to express yourself in a genuinely powerful and attractive way that reflects your true intentions.
  • ...drifting on the ’plateau of excellence’, slowly losing impact, and yet you can’t seem to figure out what to do? With Coaching Harmony you will take the lead and develop a strong sense of direction in line with what suits you. Your actions will flow from this new awareness.
  • ...full of good intentions and plans, and do you need somebody to be accountable to? With Coaching Harmony your coach will hold you accountable in respect of actions taken, without being judgemental.
  • ...lacking confidence? With Coaching Harmony your confidence will grow along with the skills you need to remain confident.
  • ..interested to explore the unique contribution you could make to this world? Discover your true value and start making a difference with Coaching Harmony.

Is your team or organisation...

  • ...involved in a conflict? Talk to Coaching Harmony to discuss how coaching could help to move forward to a solution.
  • need of a boost, a different perspective? Coaching Harmony offers team coaching to open up new dimensions for you and your people.
  • ...looking to develop new ideas, alternative approaches? Coaching Harmony offers structural use of creativity and improvisation that works.

Whether it's life coaching or business coaching you need, a coach can help you achieve results. Coaching is about unlocking your potential to maximise your performance.

Coaching can help you develop a greater level of self-awareness and the tools to bring about change.