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Coach Klaas Jan de Vries
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Business Coaching


Business Coaching Case StudyI provide personalised one-to-one business coaching for entrepreneurs and managers.

Business Coaching
Business owners and managers provide training, mentoring and support to their staff, but often don't have any resource to draw on themselves.

We work together at a time that suits you.

Our work together is completely confidential. It will be challenging but it will bring results.

My aim is to make you more effective at what you do.

You may ask yourself:

What can coaching do to improve my business?

Work Life BalanceIt can help you focus on :

  • Awareness - what is your business and what makes you unique?
  • Communication - improve your relationships with staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Motivation - learn to motivate yourself and others and learn to enjoy your work.
  • Management - use tools to help you deal with difficult situations.
  • Time Management - make the most of your time.
  • Stress Management - identify and minimise the triggers and the effects of stress.
  • Performance - be aware of the intellectual, the inspirational, the physical and the emotional.
  • Growth - learn to be creative in generating new business and profit.
  • Work/Life Balance - find time to balance your personal life with your professional one.

Coach Testimonial

Business Coaching Case Study

The owner of a business franchise was having financial worries. While he ran a succesfull operation and was in demand for his services he did not feel rewarded and kept getting into personal debt. Together, we worked on his relationship with money and how this reflected on the way he did business and how he valued his own input. As a result of the coaching, he took the initiative to improve the cash flow from his business and this enabled him to reduce the personel debt. The energy gained from this ecouraging process led to other decisions like relocating office and reducing costs.