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Personal Coaching | Life Coaching


Life Coaching Case StudyPeople come to life coaching or personal coaching for a variety of reasons, but the common theme is change. I can facilitate change in your life by helping you to reflect on where you are now and where you wish to be.

Life CoachingWe can work together to identify your path to change, whether it's stress management, improving relationships or something else that is stopping you from making the most out of life.

We will make a plan and set goals and I can provide useful tools that will help you breach those barriers that have been holding you back.

Our work together is completely confidential. It will be challenging but it will bring results.

You may ask yourself:

What can coaching do to improve my life?

Personal CoachingIt can help you focus on :

  • Awareness - who you are and what you want out of life.
  • Direction - identify your personal goals and create the path to achieving them.
  • Motivation - find your sources of inspiration, motivation requires motive and action.
  • Clarity - help you think clearly and work on things that are holding you back.
  • Self-Management - use tools to overcome your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.
  • Self-Confidence - use tools to boost self-confidence and learn to appear confident even if you're not.
  • Work/Life Balance - improve personal relationships and learn to have fun.
  • Career Development - design your career action plan, improve interview skills to get that new job or work on networking and relationship building to get that promotion.

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Life Coaching Case Study

A woman who was successfully working at projects found herself in the situation that projects were discontinued as funding ran out. While she started looking for suitable employment, she became aware that maybe this was an opportunity to look at something different. She felt she needed to talk to somebody to develop a new sense of direction. We started on clearing out some old stuff, quite literally, and freed up the energy to think clearly and act decisively. Gradually, it became clear to her that she would like to consider starting a project of her own in her field of expertise and interest.