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Coaching Questions & Answers


What is Coaching?

In our dreams, we can imagine a perfect, changeless world. In the real world, we experience change all around us. Indeed, we ourselves are constantly changing, growing older and wiser, getting more experienced over time. Reality may challenge our dreams. It is up to us to follow our dreams, intentions, values, and beliefs. To do that effectively, we first need to discover what they are. Coaching strengthens our ability to benefit from the changes that come with life. Life meaning our whole life as it is: relationships, work, family, hopes, frustrations, successes and dreams.

When you hire a coach you expect the coach to help you attain a particular objective.
A good coach helps you moving forward in the desired direction. See Benefits of Coaching.

How Coaching Works?

Before we start, we will discuss your preferences as to the delivery of the coaching.
Depending on your needs, we organise your coaching as we go along, as a series of meetings, face-to-face, by telephone or email.

Life Coaching
What can coaching do to improve your life?

It can help you focus on :

  • Awareness - who you are and what you want out of life.
  • Direction - identify your personal goals and create the path to achieving them.
  • Motivation - find your sources of inspiration, motivation requires motive and action.
  • Clarity - help you think clearly and work on things that are holding you back.
  • Self-Management - use tools to overcome your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.
  • Self-Confidence - use tools to boost self-confidence and learn to appear confident even if you're not.
  • Work/Life Balance - improve personal relationships and learn to have fun.
  • Career Development - design your career action plan, improve interview skills to get that new job or work on networking and relationship building to get that promotion.

Business Coaching
What can coaching do to improve your business?

It can help you focus on :

  • Awareness - what is your business and what makes you unique?
  • Communication - improve your relationships with staff, customers and suppliers.
  • Motivation - learn to motivate yourself and others and learn to enjoy your work.
  • Management - use tools to help you deal with difficult situations.
  • Time Management - make the most of your time.
  • Stress Management - identify and minimise the triggers and the effects of stress.
  • Performance - be aware of the intellectual, the inspirational, the physical and the emotional.
  • Growth - learn to be creative in generating new business and profit.
  • Work/Life Balance - find time to balance your personal life with your professional one.