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Benefits of Coaching & Coaching Outcomes

Coaching Benefits Increasing energy level
  Inspiring activity
  Better focus
  Time to think
  Creativity sparks
  Developing alternative solutions
Coaching works well    
when you are: Open to new ideas
  Motivated to work on your performance skills
  Prepared to look deeper than the surface
  Successful in one or more areas in life
  At your best being challenged
Changing Behaviours Do you know someone who you would like to behave differently? You may think of your boss, your colleague, your partner, or your child. 
  What might you say to them? 
  How would that be effective? 
  What would happen if you tried a different approach?
Influencing Others What has to happen to get your boss, colleague, partner, or child to change their behaviour? 
  What do you need to do to make that happen? 
  What would it mean to you if they actually did change their behaviour?
Modelling Change Rather than following others and responding to changes around you, do you wonder how you could set the example? 
  How could you model the change you would like to see in others around you?
Asking Powerful    
Questions What if somebody started asking you the right questions? What might happen? 
  What do you believe about yourself, your work?
  What are you avoiding?
  What are you going to do with the rest of your life?
Getting Results Are you happy with your life and work? 
  Are you getting what you deserve?
  Are you hitting the mark?
Generating Support Do you have enough support? 
  What do others say about you? 
  What do they say to you? 
  Who can help you getting where you want to go?
Listening How would it feel if somebody paid attention to what you say? 
  What would happen if you started doing what you promised? 
  What keeps you doing the same thing when you are getting nowhere?
Using Barriers What is stopping you from getting what you want? 
  Who is stopping you? 
  Who is helping you? 
  What do you want? 
  What would it mean if you got it?
Dreaming! What is impossible to imagine yourself doing?
  In our dreams, we can imagine a perfect, world. What is this perfect world for you.